​The puppies are not advertised for sale on this website. This is an announcement of my breeding program and an opportunity for you to enjoy their cute little faces and watch them grow.  Careful consideration goes into placing a puppy with the right family.  I have goals for my breeding program and you have goals for your dog.  In order to ensure we both achieve these goals, we must have conversation and meet in person.  Puppies are not placed based on first come, first served.  All of the puppies will go to the homes I think will be best for each individual puppy and each family.  Each puppy will be evaluated for temperament and conformation and this information will be used to create the best match.

Newfies drool a lot, shed more than most breeds, and grow into very big dogs.  They need a lot of love, care, grooming, training and attention.  Although a 10 week old puppy is adorable and very cute - a full grown, slobbering, massive Newfoundland dog might not be the right dog for you and your family.  I ask you to consider your decision very carefully.  There are many resources to assist you in understanding the demands of raising a Newfoundland so you can enter into the relationship prepared. This dog will become part of your family for many wonderful years and you will enjoy a partnership like no other.


Our Puppies

Who doesn't love puppy breath?