Our Story

How we came to love Newfs

Dogs have been a part of our family forever.  But Newfoundlands were not even a dog we considered until we started looking for a second dog to provide company for our aging Yellow Lab.  We fell in love with the soulful eyes first from photos on the internet.  Then we met our first Newfs at Crossfields, the home of Kloofbear Newfoundlands.  There we met people and dogs who have become such an important part of our family.  That was in 2006.  Scarlet was our first Newfoundland and at the time, we had no idea of all these wonderful giants are capable of doing.  We began what we thought would be a typical ownership of our family pet and have grown to love all aspects of this working breed.  We spend most weekends and all vacations, engaged in some activity involving the dogs. Now our family has grown to include four Newfs and we are actively engaged in all working dog activities and conformation.  Our circle of friends is comprised of other Newf families and we enjoy exchanging stories in between training for working dog titles and just to have fun.  We have a tremendous bond with our dogs.  It is a deep partnership which we treasure immensely.  Nothing else seems to matter when we are working with the Newfs!